Play For A Change

Trailer - Play For A Change

Episode Summary

When was the last time you did something with so much joy, that you lost all track of time? This “thing” makes you feel alive, authentic, it is a pure expression of who you are when no one is watching. Consider that for just a moment… That’s your play… it is powerful physically, cognitively and socially and emotionally This podcast is dedicated to finding and igniting the power of play as a catalyst for change. I see play as a common ground for our struggle with difference, change, stress, transitions, wellness, health, and happiness, to name a few. Go back to the sandbox, the puddles, the playground, the swing… you will know it is playing when you feel it, you will know it is playing when you see it or hear it. It is personal, and different for everyone, and yet everyone has it. This podcast will leave you “lighter” as it highlights how play is changing and has changed our social interactions, our physical and mental health, our innovative and creative potential, our drive to risk to fall and get up again. I am your host Brandi Heather, and, using OUR stories, yours and mine, we will build bridges between where we have been, where we are and where we want to be. When we play, we try new things, we improvise and imagine new possibilities. This podcast is a lifeline for the busy, and the tired, for the ready and the resilient, and for everyone who can remember how play made them feel…maybe a long time ago, and maybe yesterday. We will use play as a way to navigate the messy moments and celebrate jumping puddles without hesitation. Find your play, and find out how finding yours and igniting others can change the landscape for personal and professional health, productivity and performance. Come on in … this playground is for everyone.